Insurance Regulatory Capital

About Us

At Insurance Regulatory Capital we look to make subordinated debt available to mid-sized insurers with a solid track record. Securing a long term capital buffer with subordinated debt provides solvency peace of mind and can enhance the performance of the issuing insurer.

Under Solvency II insurance regulations, the quantity of regulatory capital required to support insurance businesses has generally become greater. At the same time conditions have been set under which subordinated debt capital is eligible as regulatory capital. The terms under which such debt can qualify as regulatory capital have been harmonised across the European Union. Subordinate Debt can be used to cover the new regulatory capital requirements as demanded in Europe by Solvency II.

IRC has recently joined forces with Maiden Holdings of Bermuda. With Maiden’s long history and expertise in the reinsurance business combined with IRC’s in-depth knowledge of capital products, we plan to provide insurers with a continuum of capital from the provision of reinsurance products through to a comprehensive subordinated debt program. We believe in establishing a long term partnership providing compelling and committed capital solutions.